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Order Your Neuras Wine, TODAY! 

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Taste the Essence of Namibia

Made in Namibia. Bottled in Namibia. 100% Namibian

Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate is a unique destination located in the foothills of the Naukluft Mountains, on the edge of the Namib Desert only 80km from Sossusvlei. Here, visitors can experience the beauty of the desert firsthand while enjoying mouth-watering wines and supporting our vital purpose of conserving landscapes, protecting wildlife and improving lives. 


Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate is based in one of the driest deserts in the world, and its unique climate produces wines with a distinct character. The estate offers a variety of wines to suit all tastes. 

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Explore the Wonders of Neuras

Experience the best of Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate with a range of activities:


Our activities include:

  • Wine Tour & Tasting

  • Wine Tasting with Cheese Platter

  • Cheetah Feeding Tour

  • Sundowner Excursion

  • Birdwatching Opportunities

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Wine & Wilderness Delights

Beyond our exceptional wines, Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate offers a captivating blend of experiences. Immerse yourself in the Namibian landscape, savour gourmet moments, and encounter the unique wildlife that calls this extraordinary place

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Namib Select

Conserve Landscapes

Embrace the awe-inspiring beauty of Namibia's landscapes with this wine. It's both delicious and supports the preservation of iconic Namibian habitats like the Namib Desert. Enjoy rich flavours while actively contributing to conservation.



N$400.00 per bottle

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Directors Reserve

Protect Wildlife

This rich red blend pays homage to Namibia's wild heart. Enjoy bold flavours inspired by elusive creatures, knowing your purchase directly supports wildlife conservation efforts and ensures these animals can roam freely.



N$500.00 per bottle

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Improve Lives

Experience the warmth of the Namibian people with this wine. Each sip reflects rich traditions and supports sustainable community initiatives. Delight in complex flavours while contributing to brighter futures for local communities. 


N$350.00 per bottle

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Experience Neuras Wines
Place Your Order Today

Embrace the spirit of Namibia and savour the exquisite flavours of

Neuras Wine directly at your chosen location.  

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How to Order

  1. Select Your Wines: Choose your desired Neuras wines and specify the quantity for each.

  2. Delivery Location: Your order can be delivered in Windhoek, Namibia. 

  3. Confirmation & Payment: We'll contact you shortly with an invoice for secure payment processing.

  4. Delivery & Enjoyment: Once your payment is confirmed, we'll arrange your delivery. 

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Neuras Farm, No2, Maltahohe District

Hardap Region


+264 (0) 63 293 417


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